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Add:98 Pengcheng Avenue, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Huangshi City, Hubei Province
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Hubei Sanfeng Komatsu Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.Hubei Sanfeng Komatsu Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in the planning, design and production of automatic three-dimensional storage system. Its main products are stacker, shuttle, AGV, conveyor, elevator, electrical control system, information management system (WMS / WCS). With senior professional talents in mechanical, electrical, software, mechatronics, production and other fields, with rich experience in design, production, installation and commissioning.

The company provides "turnkey project" integrating design, production, installation and commissioning as well as after-sales service. Remove the customer's worries and save the logistics cost.
The company's equipment is excellent, the craft is exquisite, has a 20 years, is engaged in the logistics equipment design, the manufacture, the installment, the debugging specialized troop for a long time. We firmly believe in providing customers with advanced logistics system solutions. The only way out for the company's long-term development is to attach importance to and guarantee the quality of its products, innovate continuously, absorb and digest the advanced technology at home and abroad. "Brand first, reputation is gold" is the company's business purpose. We are willing to serve wholeheartedly in exchange for the trust and recognition of our customers.

The company inherits the mature technical experience and management concept of foreign well-known logistics equipment enterprises, and provides customers with high-quality products, high-quality services and perfect automatic storage system.
Hubei Sanfeng Xiaosong Automation System Co., Ltd.